Pace Cetters Members
Year Established
Events Scheduled for 2023

Cheryl Polk

- Cousins Properties Incorporated

(Member since 2007) Pace Cetters has been an important part of my professional and personal life since 2007. There are many aspects of this group that I love, from the informative and inspiring monthly speakers and extra member events to the many business partnerships and valued friendships I've formed. My life is unquestionably enriched due to this truly fabulous, unique, inspiring, vibrant group of women!

Pam Sanders

- Equifax

(Member since 1994) When I think of Pace Cetters, one word comes to mind: Family. Plain and simple.

Helen Taffet

- Sensational Baskets

(Member since 2013) Since I joined Pace Cetters I have had a great time getting to know and connecting with this wonderful group of women. From book club meetings to member mixers, we laugh, talk and share so much. On the few occasions I have reached out to get opinions or advice, so many of my fellow Pace Cetters members have provided great feedback. And many of them are now customers too!

Francyne Martin

- Georgia-Pacific Corporation

(Member since 2003) Pace Cetters has always been a valuable resource for me. Because of my boss' position within the company, he is associated with many executives, CEOs and politicians in Atlanta. Needing to be connected with the movers and shakers of the city is an important part of my position, managing community affairs. Becoming a Pace Cetter has greatly enhanced my ability to support my manager quickly and efficiently. I consider Pace Cetters to be the gatekeepers of the Atlanta business world. Being able to reach out to such a professional, well-connected membership removes many hurdles and obstacles that come with information gathering. It is an honor being included with such a dependable group of women and to know that I have their support no matter what I need.

Holly Swing

- YMCA of Metro Atlanta

(Member since 1986) As a Pace Cetters member since 1986, I have benefited by gaining life-long friends along with numerous opportunities to grow in leadership roles that transferred easily to professional development. It's also not too much of a stretch for me to say that without being a PC member, I would not have found and adopted my daughter via our focus on community outreach and service to women's and children's issues. We look forward to you becoming a member too!

Brenda Berry

- Fernbank Museum of Natural History

(Member since 1999) I've had the privilege of being a member of Pace Cetters since the late 90s. In addition to the exceptional programs and speakers, the important community service projects we support, the incredible networking throughout the membership, and much more, I find the friendships formed will continue throughout my lifetime. What a fantastic organization!!!

Kate Malone

- Barnsley Resort, Retired

(Member since 1997) I have been a member of Pace Cetters for 18 years and have enjoyed so many wonderful friendships because of my membership. When I started with the Club it was only for networking opportunities, but I did subsequently learn that the wealth of the messages our speakers impart to us and the lifelong friendships I have developed is much more important than any networking group could offer. The Club is a great group of women, who work together towards some common goals and have terrific fun with each other while doing so. I can’t say enough for the group.

Upcoming Meetings & Events

January 11

Member Luncheon

February 8

Member Luncheon
Speaker: Mara Davis, Atlanta’s Media Maven

March 8

Member Luncheon
Kwame Johnson, Big Brothers Big Sisters
Harnessing the Power of Mentorship

April 12

Member Luncheon
AJ Robinson, President & CEO of Central Atlanta Progress and
the Atlanta Downtown Improvement District

May 12

Member Luncheon
Heather Herrig, ELD Events

June 14

Member Luncheon
Keith Izydore, Senior Lifestyles

July 12

Member Luncheon
Jacquel Tucker
Business, Leadership & Purpose Coach

August 9

Member Luncheon & Mixer

September 13

Member Luncheon
Kent Walker
Walker Estate Planning

October 11

Member Luncheon
Elise Roth Tedeschi

November 8

Member Luncheon
Business Meeting and Elections

December 13

Member Holiday Luncheon
Speaker: Heather Hemmens